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Stephen Thompson’s Genes are Rebels

He said it and I think he’s right. Model, teacher, rapper Stephen Thompson does it all. This is a video for his song Frozen. Doing what Brooklyn boys love to do (rap) he goes by the stage name Lu (Translucent)/Albion. With all this talent, wit, humour and sex appeal he should go by the stage name “The Albino Panty Dropper”, because I am sure that is what the ladies do when they see him coming. 

Checkerboard and Bike chain!!

I know the important detail here is supposed to be the checkerboard nails, but that Nicole Miller bike chain bag is calling me. It’s is like “Hazel you know you want me.” I do bike chain bag, I really do!!

(Source: New York Magazine)

Dior Homme…Sexy!

Subtle elements of Amish style and old world structure, Dior Homme has been my favorite collection for men so far this year. I don’t know what it is about this homage to Pennsy-Dutch style that is so sexy, but I am really feeling it. Being someone who shops at the Amish market often (can’t live without apple butter and Lebanon Bologna) I know first hand if there is one thing an Amish guy knows how to do, it’s wear the hell out of a hat, how to rock a button down and slacks and a well groomed beard. 

If any of the models on the runway would have had a beard sans the moustache I think I would have lost it. Thank you Dior Homme for this menswear porn… 

come on ladies tell me that’s not hot!! Even Andrej Pejic would look butch wearing these looks. 


Kanye DW Spring/2012

Kanye DW 2012

Kanye’s collection made it’s debut in Paris yesterday and while I wasn’t thrilled about the fit of some pants and a few pieces, these looks did catch my attention. I do believe if thought out more he has something going on with these looks. The white pants suit is definitely something he could have built the whole collection around, it’s my favorite piece. It’s not bad for a first collection. Personally I believe he may be more successful designing for men.


Francesco Cominelli

Vogue Hommes International Fashion Editor, Francesco Cominelli was found dead in his apartment on Friday. Details of how he died are still uncertain. I sure hope it wasn’t the S-word. It always makes things doubly sullen when it is. Very creative gentleman and seemed to always be on his grind…